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About us


Our knowledge comes from afar. Our history is made of tradition and we continue to develop our work with passion keeping an eye on the future: for this reason, starting from the early 2000s, the company, while is keeping a traditional approach it has made numerous transformations of its cellar, by modernizing the structure and equipment to best enhance the grapes of each individual harvest. Thus, next to the vitrified cement tanks, some thermo-conditioned stainless steel tanks have been introduced. They are crucial for a modern winemaking of white and red grapes. In the meanwhile an old room has been set up as barricaia with air conditioning, while another room has been prepared as "vinsantaia".  This is the Italian name for the space where, in the autumn, selected grapes are placed for an optimal drying; those grapes are used to produce the Vinsanto, the famous Tuscany sweet wine.  Furthermore, in order to preserve a historical memory of the wines produced during the years, an ancient underground tunnel has been restored and now is an evocative storage area where all the vintages are saved: they help us to keep in mind our past,  our history.

A new resort has been opened: Le Sodole. It is a charming place where it is possible to taste a good wine spending a relaxing weekend surrounded by vineyards. The golf lovers will enjoy the golf driving range.

The group

Many generations with only one love: the earth.

A unique passion: wine.

A strong link coming from the past.  It has its roots in an agricultural tradition of seven centuries and today  it is more strong than ever.  At the heart of all the decisions there is the absolute respect for nature. A clear path is defined along the way to sustainability. The quality of wine can come only from the protection of the land, the respect of the vine and its fruit.

This awareness - together with the brotherly tie – is the common thread that firmly holds together the three family businesses, in the Group Degli Azzoni: Count Aldobrando in Tuscany, Conti degli Azzoni in the Marche and Conti Riccati in Veneto.

Where we come from

From a great past ... toward a great future!

During the first years of the past century the Counts Degli Azzoni Avogadro, lovers of the Tuscan countryside and landscape, left the Veneto and moved to La Rotta, a small village on the Arno river, between Florence and Pisa.

In this land rich of agricultural and wine traditions, Count Aldobrandino began that to cultivate the fertile plain with crops and vegetables, while the hills were destined to viticulture. Even today, the wine production is the main activity of the company. Following the path defined by his father, Conte Roberto made big changes running the company, starting a slow and gradual transformation of the territory. As first step he wanted to ensure diversification on traditional crops: he introduced, for example, the poplar farming and established a reserve with a pheasant breeding.

The knowledge and the passion for the soil are handed down through generations and the company still maintains a mixed production and a very traditional approach.  In the same time it is open and oriented to new experiments: today, in fact, Count Aldobrando, the nephew of Conte Aldobrandino, is cultivating along with the classic crops some new vegetable and aromatic crops as parsley, rocket, spinach, pumpkin and bean.

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